Elevating Women in Rodeo, One Cattle Tag at a Time.

The Details

The Premise

We will offer quarterly 'drops' of a limited number of our Leather & Steel Cattle Tag Keychains.

With each keychain purchased* you have the chance to win $100,000*.

The unique aspect of this platform is that every keychain is a winner!

Each keychain can win anywhere from .25 to $100,000!

*Rules & Eligibility

How It Works

1. Enter during the Promotion Period

2. Receive a random & customized code
via email.

3. Enter this code into our
specifically designed website app to determine your winnings!

4. Winnings are paid out via
CASH through Paypal.


giving back

Proceeds will be distributed throughout the rodeo community in the form of;

1. Event sponsorships

2. Added money in women’s events

3. Low/no cost clinics with industry leaders...And more!

From Junior High and High School Rodeos, to the NFR, we aim to make a difference for women in Rodeo.



We are the rough riders, the trailblazers, the athletes and the dreamers. We believe that success is measured by sweat and blood and that winning can’t be bought. We aren’t afraid of a little dirt, or a little work, and we believe that anything worth doing, is worth doing well. We learn from the setbacks, and live for the comebacks. We know that a little hard work never hurt anybody and that through honesty, integrity, courage and grit, we can overcome any obstacle. We know that the best kind of Friday nights are spent in the saddle, and that George Strait will always be King. We call the arena home and the horses family. We take pride. In ourselves, our stock, our truck and our felt. We can go from red dirt to red carpet and never forget who we are or where we came from. We believe that with determination we can accomplish anything and that our goals are never out of reach.

we're not just talking the talk.

walking the walk.

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The Women Behind the Brand.


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Support Your Local Rodeo
The Challenge of Change
The Challenge of Change