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Well, it’s looking like after 16 months, life is slowly returning to some semblance of normalcy. Normal enough anyways that the 2021 Calgary Stampede was held this month in Alberta and it was a welcome sight for us as I’m sure it was for much of the rodeo loving community as well.

COVID was hard on so many small businesses, and has shone a light on how important is it to support local, although one industry that has gone largely overlooked is your local Rodeos and Associations. Without the hard-working men and women coming together to organize and plan the summer and fall rodeo circuits, the sport in itself would very quickly some to a screeching halt.

But the community we are, working together towards a common goal and the support of our community, is what we do best. Want to get involved? Here are 3 ways to support your local rodeos.


They say more hands makes for lighter work, and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to rodeos. Not only will it make a huge impact on the rodeo itself, being part of the action is always a great time! Whether its selling tickets to spectators, handling entries, assisting in marketing or gaining sponsorships, donating your time is a sure-fire way to keep your local rodeo up and at ‘em!


Sponsorships have a huge impact on local rodeos, and a sponsorship not only helps promote your business, a sponsorship will also help get your business in front of your target market if you have a brand geared towards rodeo, western, farming/ farm work or rural lifestyles.  Rodeo is unique from other sporting events because it offers a little something for everyone, meaning that spectators from a wide range of backgrounds are drawn towards rodeos.

Buy A Ticket!

Can’t volunteer or sponsor? Attending your local rodeo is a great way to show your support and have a great time while doing it. Rodeos count on attendance and ticket sales to ensure their future, and where every penny counts, your attendance is a huge way to make a difference. So, grab some friends or family, put on your cowboy boots, and head on out this weekend to your local rodeo!


How To Reach Out

Thanks to social media, it's easier than ever to get in touch with your local rodeo companies. Most have a website, Facebook or even Instagram page and these are all great ways to connect with your local rodeo and let them know how you'd like to get involved! 

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