Will Cowgirls Ever Rule The World?

Rodeo Cowgirl Canada

I don't know if there is a more fitting topic for our first blog post.  This about sums up our mission in one sentence.  "Will cowgirls ever rule the world?". Of course, one hundred percent yes.

Some of the most amazing things that rodeo represents is community, family and most importantly, tradition.  The entire sport is based around events directly taken from the day-to-day life of ranchers, cowboys and of course, cowgirls.  With that being said, it has found itself, as  most professional sports, dragging their feet to catch up with the times of recognizing women's talents in addition to the men's.

Now we don't want to come across preachy or that we are pointing fingers.  There has been this huge shift with amazing intention from all of the western industry to build these women up and get them that recognition.  The first ever NFR was held this past year, 2020, that incorporated the all-women's event of breakaway roping.  What I think we are all hoping to see next year is them complete alongside all the other events in the main NFR performance. 

That brings us back to 100K.  That is why we are here.  We are here to help keep this momentum going.  These women are killing it and we are so excited to watch them all rule the world along with the men in the sport of Professional Rodeo.


100K Cattle Tag - An Inclusive Initiative

Through the purchase of one of our cattle tags key chains, you not only get the chance to win up to $100,000, but the proceeds generated from the sale go towards making the rodeo community more accessible through subsidized clinics, sponsorships and more.

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