Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

Cowgirl Breakway Roping

‘It was a lucky catch.’

‘Its all my horse.’

‘I’m definitely not good enough for that.’

‘There’s no way I belong here.’

Sound familiar? Yeah, me too. Whether you’re new to the sport, a seasoned competitor, or somewhere in between, its easy to doubt your abilities, minimize your accomplishments and feel like you don’t belong, especially when you’re surrounded by athletes and mentors who may have come from a different background, geographical area or discipline.

I can’t count the number of conversations I’ve had with women who are the first to say they’re not good enough to *insert blank* (give pointers, compete here, rope that livestock etc.).  As women, I think sometimes it’s socially expected of us to minimize our accomplishments for fear of sounding arrogant or cocky. Being thankful and humble are fantastic qualities, but in this effort to remain humble, I think we can start believing the things we tell ourselves – namely that somehow our successes (however small they may be) have more to do with luck than it does the hours of hard work we’ve put in.

And I mean really, how does that help us reach our goals?

Spoiler alert. It doesn’t.

So, you want to enter in that breakaway jackpot, but you’re nervous because you see the ladies who enter and you don’t think you’re good enough? Do it anyways. You completely biff it? That’s ok, because either you win or you learn.

You can bet most of those women you thought you weren’t good enough to rope with will be there cheering you on, telling you what you did right or giving you advice for next time. Don’t let that fear of not being good enough, stop you from becoming good enough. Because sometimes our biggest hurdle to success is ourselves.

So next time you have the opportunity, take it! The next time someone compliments you, own it! Because whether it's your first catch (me!) or your 1000th, you put in that work and you deserve to be there, chasing your goals.

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